Ever since I was a child I have been exposed to event organising. Even before my degrees I had already helped in the running of large dance events, manning reception and dealing with customers. I have been involved in the backstage organising of dance shows, put on to raise money for charity. While on my placement in Portsmouth I helped the local brownie troupe hold their first ever sleep over event in the local aquarium.

My first official conference was in an emergency, because of various reasons it had be advertised even though the organiser had not arranged the basics. I jumped in last minute, and within two weeks had the rooms, catering and programme sorted. So when I joined HMS council it was not long before I became the Events Officer, and since then I have regularly organised conferences for the society. My other role is to assist conference organisers within the society. My biggest triumph was the three day HMS 50th Anniversary Conference with over 110 people from across the globe which I organised practically single handed.

I really enjoy organising events, particularly conferences. I pride myself in creating friendly and welcoming events, and offer value for money. If you are looking for someone to organise an event let me know.

Conferences Organised

HMS Research in Progress
29th November Birmingham 2016

I organised the 2016 Research in Progress meeting for the Historical Metallurgy society. It was held at Birmingham University in conjunction with the Materials and Metallurgy department. This included a keynote speech from Professor Murakami from Japan, who was funded by the University of Exeter.

Personal Adornment conference
Historical Metallurgy Society AGM
31st May- 1st June 2014 at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Organised a two day meeting in Birmingham. The focus of the meeting was on metals used in personal adornment. We had a number of international speakers and topics ranged from Bronze Age to the 19th century. There was a visit to the Jewellery Quarter Museum and also a behind the scenes tour of the Staffordshire Hoard conservation laboratory.

Historical Metallurgy Annual Conference
100th Anniversary of Stainless Steel
19th-20th October 2013, at Cutlers' Hall in Sheffield

Organised the meeting which included a range of topics about stainless steel. The fieldtrip was to Kelham Island in Sheffield.

Historical Metallurgy AGM
HMS 50th Anniversary Conference
14th-16th June 2013 at Friends House in London

As well as being the primary organiser of this event I also presented about my research on the Staffordshire Hoard. The event was a huge success with over 110 people attending from across the world. There was no single theme instead a range of archaeometallurgy and historical metallurgy topics were covered. The conference dinner was held at the Ambassadors Hotel.

Historical Metallurgy Annual Conference
Not so much Gold, Silver and Bronze but Copper, Zinc and Brass
6th-7th October 2012, held in Bristol

Organised the meeting to explore themes relating to the history and archaeology of all non-ferrous metals. With the SS Great Britain as a backdrop there was a focus on the broad theme of communication; communication of ideas, metals as communication tools and the role of non-ferrous metallurgy in the slave trade. The conference included a day of visits, organised by Matt Phelps, to sites in the region.

Historical Metallurgy Spring Meeting and AGM
Royalty, Religion and Rust
4th-5th June 2011 Helmsley

Organised a two day meeting in the market town of Helmsley. The focus of the meeting was on how religion or high-status sites control and affect the metal industry. We had speakers from as far as Mexico and Venezuela, along side speakers from the UK and Ireland.

There were site visits to field trip to nearby Rievaulx Abbey and Helmsley Castle, with a particular focus on the production and use of metals at these sites.

ArchaeoMetallurgy Conference
10th-12th November 2009 Bradford, UK

With Gerry McDonnell leaving Bradford university I took the opportunity to organise a large three day international conference to celebrate his time at Bradford. I invited past students and colleagues. The conference was also combined with the Historical Metallurgy Society research in progress meeting.

Historical Metallurgy Society Meeting
Changing technology in medieval and post-medieval Britain
10th November 2007 Bradford

This was the first one day meeting that I organised. It was held at Bradford University. There was only a short time to get everything organised, but in the end it was a successful meeting. With a variety of talks on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.