Over the years I have given many presentations on many different archaeometallurgical topics. There have been many short presentations on smaller topics for international and national conferences. I have also provided longer seminars on the basics of archaeometallurgy or metallography. I am very flexible and can tailor my talks and seminars to the audience.

If you are a local society or community group, archaeology or materials department interested in a short presentation or seminar please get in touch. Some of the topics that I can talk about are below.

  • Ancient copper artefact production (casting methods, moulds, alloys used and debris recovered).
  • Ancient iron production (smelting, smithing, slag and metals)
  • Iron artefact manufacture (what processes and decisions did ancient blacksmiths go through)
  • Archaeological traces of metalworking industry
  • Anglo-Saxon iron knives (manufacture methods and changes over time)
  • Urban vs rural early medieval iron knives
  • The ironworking landscape using case studies of Wharram Percy and Sedgeford
  • Slag inclusions and provenance
  • Metallography in archaeology
  • Secrets of the Anglo-Saxon goldsmith: Analysis of the Staffordshire Hoard gold
  • Goldworking methods