Together with my family we have started a new venture. We buy and sell handmade craft products. Each of us have different talents, but we bring them together to create a range of fantasy products. If you are interested please visit our family website….

Little Owl Jewellery

In addition to the fantasy crafts I make a range of archaeological themed jewellery. The designs are drawn on my experience from collections I have researched including the Staffordshire Hoard, Sutton Hoo and other collections. The jewellery is made using metal clay, which is worked like clay but forms into metal in the kiln.

Archaeological Tools
Towels, mattocks, spades and tape measures; a collection of miniature tools from  an archaeologists toolkit.

Based on Roman brooches found during excavations.

Anglo-Saxon and Viking
Designs based on objects found within the Staffordshire Hoard, Saxon Sedgeford, or from further afield in Scandinavia. These designs consist of bittng beasts and mythcal reatures.

Commisioned Jewellery

Little Owl can produce jewellery on commission.  Have you found an object while excavating that you would like to have replicated, or do you have an idea for something specific for that special someone. Do get in touch, send a photo and we will create it for you.

Previous Designs

  • Roman brooches and cufflinks based on Roman brooches fround at Catterick when excavating the A1. This included a Roman hare, a dragonesque brooch and finally a Hippocampus brooch.