The majority of the work that Archaeomaterials deals with is assessments of slag assemblages from excavations. Further analysis of the slag is also possible. Full chemical analysis of slag samples and comparison with other slag from the region can be carried out.

The particular specialism of Archaeomaterials is the assessment and analysis of iron artefacts. Using metallography and other techniques the full manufacturing history of an artefact can be determined. In addition to this service we also carry out provenance studies using slag inclusions trapped in the iron artefacts and comparing them to regional and national slag groups.

In addition to our experience with iron slag and iron artefacts Archaeomaterials can also provide assessment of copper alloy working. Through my work at the British Museum and with the Staffordshire Hoard project I also have some experience of the analysis of precious metals.

In addition the experience gained working for English Heritage’s Technology Team means that other materials, i.e. glass, porcelain  can also be assessed and examined by Archaeomaterials.