At the 37th International Symposium on Archaeometry held on the 12th-16th May 2008 in Sienna I won the Riccardo Francovich prize for Best PhD Student Poster. This poster was based on my Masters thesis and focused primarily on the experimental data. The poster was titled ‘Slag Inclusions and the Quest for Provenance: Analysis of Slag and Slag Inclusions from Iron Smelting Experiments. Eleanor Blakelock, Marcos Martinón-Torres & Tim Young

My MSc thesis won one of the “Institute of Archaeology Prizes”. These are given to “selected best dissertations and/or best contributions to the Institute of Archaeology life”. The thesis also won one of the Institute’s “Seton Lloyd Prizes” for the best dissertations on the archaeology of Western Asia.

In addition to these prizes I ranked among the top ten masters students of the whole 200+ Institute of Archaeology contingent for 2006-2007.

I am also very proud to be the youngest ever council member of the Historical Metallurgy Society. This then led to me joining the membership, publicity and programme committee and eventually becoming the chair of that committee, and the HMS events officer.

Throughout my Msc and PhD I was funded by the AHRC for which I am incredibly grateful. Since then I have also received funding from the Royal Archaeological Institute for the Sedgeford Iron Project.

The Staffordshire Hoard project, including the analysis I did for the gold project, was nominated for the Current Archaeology Research Project of the Year 2014. The gold analysis also achieved media attention on the 17th of October when the results were revealed, reports were included in the Guardian, Times and Independent, as well as a few more local newspapers. A full length article was written for Current Archaeology.