My undergraduate degree at Bradford University introduced me to many different types of archaeological science. It was during my degree that I first came into contact with archaeometallurgy and I have never stepped back from it. My Msc at the institute of archaeology increased my interest in ancient materials and technology. Both courses inspired my PhD research investigating iron knives.

I have worked with the English Heritage technology team, dealing in a range of different archaeological materials. I have also worked in the biomolecule laboratory at Bradford.

For my metallurgy research I have won several prizes including the Institute of Archaeology prize, Seton Llyod prize and the Riccardo Francovich prize for best poster. The Staffordshire Hoard project was also nominated for the Best Research Project of 2014 by Current Archaeology which included the results from the gold analysis project which I worked on.

I am an active member of the Historical Metallurgy Society. I am also the chair of one of its committees and the events officer for the society.